– In short –

Dasha Runic is an entrepreneur from Belgrade, Serbia
• Founder & Director of The Social Formula
YTILI 2018 fellow, representing The Social Formula & Serbian startups
Project Verte Agent
• Likes meeting new people & brands
• Loves startups & helping them grow
• Believes in equality, love & respect above everything
• Enjoys music and dancing, tennis and contemporary art


Dasha started her career in Belgrade, working for one of the top marketing agencies in the region for clients like Avon, Nestle, Ikea, Erste bank etc. Three years into the job, she developed passion for CSR, technology and communication through arts. She worked for start up companies like NY 1 Minute Weddings  and a mobile app, as a leading project manager.

After having a corporate job and running teams within smaller companies, as well as a small d-tour in career, as a snorkeling and paddle board instructor in Aruba in 2013, she established her own creative digital agency: The Social Formula (TSF).


• Went to Serbian – French primary school in Belgrade, Serbia
• Graduated from American high school in Mansfield, Dallas, TX.
Has a BA degree in marketing from British University of Sheffield (Thessaloniki, Greece campus)